Reinvigorating the Pipeline: Insights into Proposed and Approved Charter Schools

Reinvigorating the Pipeline

Insights into Proposed and Approved Charter Schools

This first-ever look at the national charter school pipeline—what schools are being proposed and by whom—reveals a diverse sector, with a tremendous variety of applicants and school models. Working with Public Impact, NACSA collected and analyzed nearly 3,000 charter school applications submitted to authorizers, located in 20 states, that oversee nearly two-thirds of all charter schools nationally. The analysis shows the significant impact authorizers have in shaping the public education landscape across the country.

A Call to Action

NACSA CEO Greg Richmond calls on stakeholders to use facts, not anecdotes, to take new actions that lead to more great schools.

Top 10 Findings

Get the quick headlines at a glance, then dig into the complete analysis.

Complete Analysis

Explore interactive charts that present our key findings on school models, operator types, and external support.

Implications for Authorizing

Authorizing shapes the quality and availability of schools in communities. NACSA’s charter school pipeline data reveals three primary implications for authorizers.

What’s Next

This initial analysis of the charter school pipeline is just the beginning. There’s significant work ahead.

Pipeline Extensions

Transportation Data

Local Releases

Georgia’s Charter School Pipeline

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