Who We Are

Who We Are

The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) is an independent voice for thoughtful charter authorizing practices and policies that lead to more great public schools. Our research, advocacy, and direct support to authorizers  advance smart charter school growth and oversight.

Our Vision

All children will have access to public schools that prepare them for success in life.

Our Mission

NACSA advances and strengthens the ideas and practices of authorizing so students and communities—especially those who are historically under-resourced—thrive.

Our Beliefs

Our nation needs to provide better public schools to more children by:

  • Improving families’ access to quality schools
  • Providing educators the autonomy they need for schools to excel
  • Holding schools accountable for their performance

For charter schools to play a vital role in providing better public schools:

  • Quality authorizing is essential.
  • Authorizers must ensure access, autonomy, and accountability.
  • Authorizers must be responsible for the overall performance of their portfolios of schools.

Our Focus

We believe good authorizing leads to great charter schools. That’s why our work focuses on authorizers—the organizations and people behind charter schools. Authorizers decide whether a charter school should open or not. They oversee school performance and set academic, financial, and operational expectations. It’s a weighty responsibility. We’re dedicated to providing day-to-day authorizers with a network, guidance, and resources to create the best possible outcomes for students and the public.