Year Law Enacted: 1996

Number of Charter Students in the State



Percentage of public school students attending charters Derived from the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools

Number of Charter Schools



Percentage of public schools that are charters Derived from the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools

Authorizing Policy Environment

In 2015, Connecticut passed comprehensive policy reform to ensure the single authorizer employs strong practices for charter school accountability and transparency. However, the State does not officially endorse professional standards for charter school authorizing.

Connecticut: Modernizing State Law in Face of Opposition

Connecticut’s charter sector has, for years, relied on the solid reputation of many great schools, with little concern that the state’s rudimentary charter school law had been virtually untouched in 20 years. That changed in 2014 when significant problems were uncovered in one local network of charter schools. Without an existing law that codified quality authorizing practices, a plethora of policy proposals—some of which would have done more harm than good—were introduced. After robust legislative debates, Connecticut law now includes many smart accountability provisions. The political battle surrounding those provisions, however, should serve as a warning of what can happen when statutory policy does not reflect the new demands of quality authorizing. The law helps ensure strong authorizing now and into the future.

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