Mike Schultz

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Mike Schultz

2017 NACSA Leader

Mike Schultz currently serves as the performance and accountability manager for the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW), the largest authorizer of charter schools in Minnesota. In this role, he ensures the organization’s plan for authorizing is implemented with fidelity and consistency in order to strengthen the quality of ACNW’s portfolio of charter schools. Mike has more than ten years of professional experience working in the field of education, including at various charter schools and charter-related businesses such as Nova Classical Academy and Designs for Learning. His career in education began in the same district in which he grew up – the Roseville Area School District. In Roseville, Mike led experiential out-of-school time and college preparatory programs at various schools. In his free time, Mike enjoys hiking, running, and working out in the outdoors year-round.

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