2019 NACSA Leadership Conference

Sessions & Schedule

2019 NACSA Leadership Conference
St. Louis | October 21-24

Our conference is for authorizers, by authorizers. This year’s schedule will feature presentations from your peers who responded to our Call for Proposals, exploring top authorizing and national issues in a variety of new session formats.

New Authorizer Boot Camp

New to Authorizing? Don’t miss the New Authorizer Boot Camp, a pre-conference session for individuals with less than a year of experience in authorizing.* The course provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of quality authorizing practices and a high-level understanding of authorizing best practices beyond their specific role, helping to maximize each participant’s Conference experience.

Through an interactive and collaborative format, the course conveys historical context around the charter movement, outlines the essential practices of authorizing, orients participants to core resources and tools to support their work, and offers a unique opportunity to network with industry experts, NACSA staff, and other new and novice authorizers.

In addition, NACSA staff works with each participant to identify appropriate follow-up sessions over the course of the week based on their role, interests, and other contextual factors.

This session runs from 10 am to 4:30 pm on Monday, October 21, located at the conference venue.

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Conference Strands

Quality School Openings: This strand addresses topics like application processes, capacity interviews, approval criteria, pre-opening, and contracting, among many others.

Monitoring and Overseeing Schools: From performance frameworks to site visits, intervention triggers to annual reporting, and audits to renewal, this strand covers a broad scope of day-to-day authorizing responsibilities.

Expanding Quality Schools: This strand explores how authorizers can help schools expand and grow. Topics may include capacity assessment, contract amendments, and more.

Closure Learnings, and Challenges: School closure impacts students in significant ways. This strand addresses topics like closure protocols, governing board relationships and communications, voluntary surrender, student transitions, barriers to closure, and more.

Session Formats

Insight Talk: Solo reflections, candid case study, strategic considerations. 30-40 minutes, breakout session.

Panel: Classic NACSA panel break-outs. 75 minutes, breakout session. 

Workshop: An in-depth, instructional program with takeaways and hands-on learning. 75-90 minutes, breakout session

Tool Demo: Authorizer-led demo of a “plug and play” resource or tool. 30-40 minutes, breakout session.

Pecha Kucha: 5-minute speaker-led talks featuring 20 slides that change every 20 seconds. Can be personal or professional.  What’s Pecha Kucha? Watch this video to learn a little about the format.

Schedule Overview


Mon, 10/21

Tue, 10/22

Wed, 10/23

Thu, 10/24

Registration_______ 3:00PM 7:00PM Registration________ 7:30AM 4:00PM Registration_________ 7:30AM 4:00PM Registration________ 7:30AM 9:00AM
NACSA Leaders Program 8:00AM 5:00PM Breakfast 7:00AM 8:00AM Breakfast 7:00AM 8:30AM Breakfast 7:00AM 8:30AM
Authorizer Boot Camp 10:00AM 4:30PM Plenary 9:00AM 10:30AM General Session 9:00AM 10:30AM
Welcome Reception 6:00PM 8:00PM Morning Break 10:30AM 10:45AM Morning Break 10:30AM 10:45AM
Plenary Q&A plus Member Meeting 10:45AM 12:00PM Breakout Sessions 10:45AM 12:00PM
Breakout Sessions 10:45AM 12:00PM Lunch 12:00PM 1:30 PM
Lunch 12:00PM 1:30PM Breakout Sessions 1:30PM 2:45PM
Breakout Sessions 1:30PM 2:45PM Afternoon Break 2:45PM 3:15PM
Break 2:45PM 3:15PM Breakout Sessions 3:15PM 4:30PM
Breakout Sessions 3:15PM 4:30PM
Membership Meeting 4:45PM 5:30PM