Charter School Authorizer Conversations: Shenita Johnson Reflects on Leadership, (In)Equity, and Change

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Charter School Authorizer Conversations: Shenita Johnson Reflects on Leadership, (In)Equity, and Change

“We all know education is the great equalizer, but even with all of the education in the world… certain groups are still subject to being dehumanized. How do you educate students, teachers, leaders about that fact and how do we shift and change the way in which education is delivered to change that?” –Shenita Johnson, Esq., Independent Consultant, ElevatEd Spaces LLC

In this conversation with NACSA’s David Greenberg, Shenita shares her unique perspective as a leader and veteran authorizer at the recently dissolved Illinois State Charter School Commission. She reflects on her learning over the last few years at ISCSC, how she sees authorizing in our current reality of COVID-19, and the elevation of racial injustices into the forefront of the public discourse.


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