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Transition to the Common Core

Few changes in policy and practice will have a greater impact on public education in the United States over the next decade than the development, implementation, and assessment of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In every state where the standards are adopted, students, educators, schools, districts, and state departments of education will experience the impact of these new standards on almost every aspect of their work. From curriculum to assessment, from teacher evaluation to school accountability, the CCSS will shape the future of public education practice in far-reaching ways.
This transition poses particular challenges for the nation’s charter school sector. The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) is committed to helping authorizers effectively manage these challenges as their states move forward with implementation of the Common Core.

Staying the Course Common Core Series

NACSA’s Staying the Course series of Issue Briefs provides guidance to authorizers in navigating the challenges presented by implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Authorizers and the Common Core (Issue Brief)

While the new standards are sure to alter public education in deep and lasting ways, the critical work of authorizing will remain the same. By being thoughtful and strategic, by upholding high standards for schools, and by putting the interests of students above all else, authorizers can meet and overcome the challenges ahead. Download the Issue Brief


Upholding Autonomy and Enabling School Success During Common Core Implementation (Issue Brief)

Arrival of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and related assessments will have significant implications for charter schools. Because both autonomy and accountability are part of the “charter bargain,” individual charters and charter networks will bear responsibility for implementing the new standards and conducting the accompanying new tests. Download the Issue Brief


Maintaining Strong Accountability in the Transition to the Common Core (Issue Brief)

It is important for authorizers to report, evaluate and act on charter school performance results throughout the Common Core transition period.

This final brief offers a visual Timetable for Action, a two-year plan of specific actions to be taken between the winter of 2014 and the winter of 2016 to ensure a smooth transition to the Common Core. There is also a quick Reference Guide, which includes a map of Next Generation Assessments by state, to help authorizers plan and evaluate their readiness for the new standards and assessments. Download the Issue Brief

Common Core Tips for Authorizers

Tip #1: Field Tests and Renewals
Tip #2: Engaging with Schools 

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Common Core Timetable for Action


Assessing the Common Core: A Quick Reference for Authorizers


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