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One Million Lives Overview


NACSA’s One Million Lives campaign is dedicated to providing one million more children the chance to attend a great school that will prepare them for success throughout their lives.

Thousands of charter schools provide an excellent education to students around the country. But there are still too many students in both traditional and charter public schools who don’t graduate and too few students academically prepared to succeed. While many charter schools perform at the highest levels, many others perform at the lowest levels. 

It is time for the charter community itself to fix the failings in the sector so that more children have the chance to attend a great school.

One Million Lives will engage charter school authorizers, along with a broad coalition of school operators, lawmakers, funders and others, to lead the way in closing failing charter schools and opening many more excellent ones.

NACSA is working to support these efforts by advocating for stronger laws that will support smarter growth and stronger accountability. We are also launching new human capital initiatives and powerful, personalized online resources to strengthen the skills of authorizing staff.

But it will take a broad group of authorizers, working with state education agencies, reform groups, policymakers, funders and others in the charter sector and within public education more broadly to score this victory for children. Let’s work together to give a million more children the education they deserve—and a million more opportunities in life.

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