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One Million Lives - Year One

As NACSA launched the One Million Lives campaign late in 2012, we set an ambitious goal: to work to establish better schools for one million children.

The math is straightforward: if our sector opens 2,000 great new charters and closes as many as 1,000 low-performing ones, this will impact 3,000 schools, giving one million children the opportunity to attend better schools.

After one year of engaging authorizers, along with a broad coalition of school operators, lawmakers, funders, and others to get this work done we are pleased to report on the progress made to date. Because of stronger authorizing across the nation 230,000 students now have better education options available through a combination of opening 491 quality charter schools and closing 206 failing ones.

While the details are important, and the total number of children is our driving goal, the first word of the campaign name—ONE—remains our daily motivator. Our public schools work—or don’t—one school at a time, for one child at a time. After all, what matters most to a parent seeking a fresh start for their child and an open door to excellence? One great school for their child.

Here, we share some data, stories, and voices from Year One of our One Million Lives campaign.

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