Virtual Authorizer Boot Camp

Virtual Authorizer Boot Camp: Winter 2021

The Fundamentals of Quality Authorizing

NACSA’s Virtual Authorizer Boot Camp (VAB) is a eight-week course that provides new authorizers with a complete grounding in the fundamentals of quality authorizing practices. The course covers essential practices, must-have core resources, problem-solving tips, and the historical context of the charter movement. Among other important subjects, VAB will cover authorizing topics such as applications, ongoing evaluations, and charter renewals. 

Participants will collaborate and network with fellow authorizing professionals and NACSA staff to discuss and solve the real-world challenges they are facing.

Why I Should Participate

  • Deepen your knowledge and understanding of authorizing best practices.
  • Access core resources and tools to support and streamline your work.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own office and on your own time with this blended classroom format.
  • Discuss and network with new authorizers across the country.

Application and Acceptance

The course is designed for individuals who have worked in an authorizing office for less than one year and are looking to gain a high-level understanding of effective authorizing practices. Due to high-demand, applicants must submit a brief application to ensure they fit the program’s learner profile. 

Key Dates & Deadlines

The course includes a mix of live sessions and self-learning modules. Modules must be completed prior to the corresponding live sessions.

  • Course Fee: FREE (Members), $125 (Non-Members)
  • Application opens November 12, 2020
  • Live Sessions @ 1:00 p.m. CST (60 – 90 minutes)

Winter 2021 Syllabus

Course Type Topic
Module 1  Overview of Authorizing
Module 2  Applications Part I
Live Session  Applications Part II (December 9)
Module 3  Autonomy & Accountability
Live Session  Problem of Practice (December 16)
Module 4  Ongoing Evaluation
Module 5  Charter Renewal Part I
Live Session  Charter Renewal Part II (January 13)
Module 6  Ensuring Access for ALL
Live Session  Final Presentations & Wrap-Up (January 27)

Download One Pager for Virtual Authorizer Bootcamp

What Others Have to Say

“I was able to directly apply my learning within days. I built my capacity and have a more confident voice. In looking at an upcoming renewal, I have more tools in my tool belt.”
—Clay County Public Schools 

“In the end, with the discussions, real-world assignments and general overview of the sponsor’s roles and responsibilities, it has been reassuring for me that (a) I’m in the right seat on the right bus and (b) I have a pretty solid grasp of a complete job description. My confidence level has increased dramatically and that feeling of being overwhelmed has been mitigated (until some new exciting circumstances present themselves). Having national connections will be helpful on a go-forward basis.”
—University of Missouri, Kansas City 

“There were gems in every discussion and for myself being new to this arena, everything said will have an impact on how I view and handle situations, draft policy and create systems to better help our office and more specifically my team becomes more efficient in authorizing and monitoring compliance for accountability.”
—Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission 

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