Authorizing Data in Depth: Staffing


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Information about Schools Per Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)



  • In 2014-15, large authorizers reported having 1 FTE for every 10.59 schools they oversaw.
  • The schools per FTE ratio has increased every year since 2010-11, where the ratio was 1 FTE for every 6.37 schools overseen.



  • Survey results from large authorizers show no consistency and marked variation in staffing patterns. While the most typical staffing ratio is 1 FTE for every 3-5 schools overseen, note that approximately only one-third (35%) of large authorizers follow that staffing pattern.
  • There are also authorizers with extremely high and low school-per-FTE patterns: 10% of authorizers appear to be very highly staffed, with 1 FTE for every 1-2 schools in their portfolio, while authorizers on the other end of the distribution have large portfolios of schools and few staff (11% of authorizers have 1 FTE for every 21 [or more] schools in their portfolio).


  • The number of staff that authorizers use varies widely, as a function of their portfolio size. Some authorizers are clear outliers: one large authorizer oversees nearly 600 schools with 12 FTE, and another authorizer oversees 79 schools with 50 FTE.





  • SEA authorizers have fairly consistently had the largest schools-per-FTE ratio of any authorizing type.
  • HEI and NFP authorizers tend to have the lowest schools-per-FTE ratios.