Authorizing Data in Depth: Applications


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  • Large authorizers reported receiving an average of 9.8 applications in 2015, a marked drop from the previous year.
  • After a jump in applications received from 2011 to 2012, large authorizers have reported receiving fewer applications for new charter schools every year since then.



  • In 2014-15, large authorizers approved 36% of all applications for new charter schools, consistent with an upward trend since 2013.



  • HEI and ICB authorizers tend to show an upward trend in application approval rates.
  • LEAs, and to some degree SEAs, show a slight downward trend, although it varies from year to year.



  • Nearly two-thirds of large authorizers report receiving at least one application for a new charter school from an existing operator.
  • The percentage of authorizers that received new charter applications from existing operators has increased slightly since 2014.