Kasey Miller

Kasey Miller establishes and manages processes, supports, and systems that marry NACSA’s strategy and culture so that all of NACSA’s work is aligned with achieving its mission.

While her experience in organizational development includes work in corporate and nonprofit settings, it has always focused on improving the health and effectiveness of the organization. She has played key roles in organizations ranging in both size and industry and has helped manage large scale changes such as mergers, acquisitions, and rapid growth. Kasey draws on this diversity of experience to see challenges and opportunities from multiple lenses.

Prior to her current role, Kasey served as NACSA’s Vice President of Talent & Engagement, where she played a vital role in developing, growing, and retaining excellent professionals in the charter school authorizing field through NACSA’s human capital initiatives and programs.

She holds master’s degrees in social work, organizational development, and training and development, all from Loyola University-Chicago. Her bachelor’s degree is from Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication.

Kasey believes that access to quality educational options is a fundamental right and that until every student is in a quality school, we are not living up to our potential as a society.

Kasey is at her best when she has had an abundance of time in nature (preferably by the ocean), being active (preferably running), and hanging out with her four-legged friends (preferably goats).