José Cole-Gutiérrez

José Cole-Gutiérrez

Board Member

Director, Charter Schools Division, Los Angeles Unified School District

José Cole-Gutiérrez is passionate about helping all youth have access to a high-quality public education, especially given the transformative impact education has had on his own life. He currently serves as Director for the Charter Schools Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where he is responsible for leading the team striving to foster high-quality educational options through exemplary charter school authorizing. LAUSD is the largest school district authorizer of charter schools in the country, with approximately 250 schools serving over 130,000 students.

Previously, José served as general manager for the Los Angeles region of the California Charter Schools Association, where he supported the development of quality charter schools, increased accountability measures, and collaborated with districts to enhance policy and practice. José has also served as academic programs director for PUENTE Learning Center in Los Angeles, where he taught in and managed the academic programs serving approximately 2,000 children, youth, and adults for nearly seven years.

Active in community and civic life, José volunteers in various capacities, including service with a college counseling and preparation program and as an advisory board member for the Center on Educational Governance at USC and the Charter and Autonomous School Leaders Program at CSU Dominguez Hills.