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The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) is working to double the number of students in great public charter schools by advancing policies and practices that promote quality, autonomy, and choice. As an independent voice for quality charter school authorizing, NACSA uses data and evidence to encourage smart charter school growth. NACSA works with authorizers and partners to create the gold standard for authorizing and build authorizers’ capacity to make informed decisions. NACSA also provides research and information that help policymakers and advocates move past the rhetoric to make evidence-based policy decisions.

Our Mission

NACSA works to increase and improve quality educational opportunities for children by strengthening charter school authorizing.

What are authorizers?

Authorizers are the roughly 1,000 legal entities in 44 states that decide who can start a new charter school, set expectations and oversee school performance, and decide which schools should continue to serve students or not.

Over 90 percent of authorizers across the country are school districts, but depending on state law, authorizers can also include state education agencies, independent boards, universities, mayors and municipalities, and non-profit organizations.

Why do authorizers matter?

Quality authorizing is essential for charter schools to play a vital role in providing better public schools for children. Authorizers ensure schools have the freedom to adapt and meet the needs of their students, while ensuring each school meets performance expectations, treats all students fairly, and spends public tax dollars appropriately.

We believe authorizers are ultimately responsible for the overall performance of their portfolios of schools. By deciding which proposals are good enough to be approved and which schools are good enough to stay open, authorizers have tremendous powers that determine the overall quality of charter schools in every city and state.

NACSA’s areas of expertise

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Director, Communications
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Greg Richmond, NACSA President & CEO

Greg Richmond

President and CEO

National Association of Charter School Authorizers

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Vice President of Research and Evaluation

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Vice President of External Relations

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