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The Nuts and Bolts of School Closure – PowerPoint Presentation

Managing the actual closure of a charter school requires planning, preparation, and attention to details that linger long after a school is closed. This session provides a roadmap through the basic elements of the closure process, including how to prepare the environment for closure, how to monitor the close out of student records, finances, education corporation documents, and other requirements that must be addressed when charters fail. Presenters will provide critical information to help guide authorizers through an effective closure process.

Mary Kay Shields, Gov. John Engler Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University; Kathryn Mullen Upton, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation Ohio; Josephine Baker, Education Consultant

The Authorizer and Charter School Closures: Exercising Adaptive Leadership to Protect the Public Interest

Part and parcel of a charter school authorizer’s oversight responsibility is the unenviable task of closing a school that fails to pass muster. As with most challenges that authorizers face, closing a …

Accountability 2.0: Next Generation Performance, Delivery, and Design

Richard Wenning, former associate commissioner at the Colorado Department of Education and a creator of the Colorado Growth Model, which has become a model for many states, conducted a webinar for authorizers …
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