Knowledge Core Keyword: Contract

Great Expectations in New Orleans

New Orleans, a city remaking itself with perseverance and ingenuity after the devastating Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding in 2005, sought to provide high-quality educational options for the city’s children through the …

Existing Schools Information Template

This is the Existing Schools Information Template that accompanies NACSA’s Knowledge Core course, “Charter Application Process and Decision Making: Evaluating School Replicators.” This template is intended for authorizers to use to keep a clear record of important criteria for existing schools in one place for easy comparison.

Core Resource: Core Charter School Contract

This Core Contract can be customized by authorizers to meet a variety of circumstances. Some of the sections include: Governance, Third-Party Management Providers, English-Language Learners, Students with Disabilities, School Performance Standards and more.

Alignment for Change in Hawaii

This case study is one in a series that explores local progress on charter school authorizing in various corners of our country. We’ll dig into what was needed, how it happened, and why it matters to the ultimate quest we all share: creating and sustaining great public schools for all U.S. children.

The series starts in our nation’s most far-flung locale: Hawaii.

Core Performance Framework and Guidance – March 2013

The Core Performance Framework and Guidance, which offers academic, financial and organizational performance frameworks—each with indicators, measures, targets and ratings; detailed explanation of each framework; guidance on customization of the frameworks; and …