Knowledge Core Keyword: Colorado

Example Charter School Budget Template: Denver Public Schools

This is the charter school budget template used by the Denver Public Schools in its charter school application process. The document is a required element of each charter school application and is used in the evaluation of the applicant’s financial plan. This document is a Core Example that accompanies NACSA’s Knowledge Core course, “Charter Application Process and Decision Making: An Overview.”

Viewpoint: Charter 2.0 — Charter Schools and Public Education in Colorado

This paper examines the various policy and implementation levers available to inject affirmative solutions into the charter school landscape, along with some important guiding principles that serve as a backdrop to the development of policy and programs.

Charter 2.0 is a combination of public policy and private-sector support, all designed to incorporate into our system the various lessons learned during the past 17 years. The basic formula is as follows:

1. Ensure a pervasive background of nationally recognized industry standards applicable to charter schools and charter authorizers
2. Ensure the responsibility for implementation and enforcement of these standards is placed firmly in the hands of the party best suited for the role and
3. Ensure all the parties involved have the right support

Topics of interest include: law and policy, authorizing standards

Action Plan for Closure: Core Closure Protocol and Guidance

If you attended the 2012 NACSA Leadership Conference, you probably heard reference to NACSA’s Accountability in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Charter School Closure. This resource is designed to assist the staff and board members of authorizing agencies as they address the wide array of challenges involved in any closure decision. Now NACSA has made it even easier to use this resource by converting the publication’s Action Plan for Closure into a new format allowing authorizers to customize their own plan, track its status, and make notes to help guide their closure process.