Knowledge Core Keyword: Authorizer Capacity

Viewpoint: Differentiated Charter Authorizing Strategies for Innovation, Scale, and Quality

A maturing charter sector still operates on first-generation laws designed to launch a few experimental schools. However, the charter sector has moved beyond this initial launch stage of its development. The new focus on scaling quality and the growth of managed networks has placed particular demands on old policies, practices, and authorizing capabilities. Growth in online and blended learning, interest in high-level STEM, and conversions and turnaround are additional new pressures on the one-size-fits-some process. States should update authorizing laws to incorporate multiple pathways and new capacities that reflect the realities of the charter landscape, and take advantage of emerging opportunities to add quality educational options.

Square Pegs: Charter Authorizers in Non-Charter Agencies

In a 1985 Newsweek interview, Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs described the team that created the Macintosh as “a group of people going in essence back to the garage, but in a …