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We’re here to support authorizers making tough decisions to create better schools in a challenging system. With over 15 years of real-world experience running and approving charter schools, we have the original research, tailored resources, and tools to back you up.

Knowledge Core

An online learning platform that offers courses, tools, and templates for authorizers at every level.  From the basics of authorizing to advanced topics, NACSA Knowledge Core provides a rich array of resources. Learning modules include discussion and rein­forcement of best practices and succinct topical interviews with leaders in the field.

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Charter Operator Tracker

A new database of information about charter school management organizations and the schools they operate. Launched August 2015, the beta version focuses on Florida, a state where nearly 45 percent of charter schools work with management organizations.

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Professional Services

Authorizer Development provides direct services to improve authorizer practices. Since 2009, we’ve provided guidance to authorizers that, together, oversee more than half of our nation’s charter schools. We have worked with authorizers of all sizes and in all geographies. We can adapt our strategies to meet the needs of any authorizer—both staff and board—and its community.

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Authorizers stand behind creating better public schools in a challenging system, a better education for all kids, and a better way to get there. NACSA supports authorizers in becoming great with on-the-job resources and a professional network.

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