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Authorizers stand behind creating better public schools in a challenging system, a better education for all kids, and a better way to get there. NACSA supports authorizers in becoming great.

On-the-Job Resources.

Get the latest updates on new tools, guides, templates and more on a variety of authorizing topics—from researched best practices to emerging trends in the sector.

Tailored Training and Support.

Receive complimentary registrations to NACSA’s Webinar Series, discounted registration to the annual NACSA Leadership Conference, discounted tuition for the Leaders Program, and early notices about new resources.

Professional Network.

Connect with your peers through our NACSA Communities. Recruit top talent to join your team or find your next career opportunity. Our network is more than 1,200 strong, with professionals from more than 115 authorizing offices across the county.


NACSA offers three membership categories as well as NACSA Plus, an add-on package with additional engagement opportunities. Membership dues are based on a fiscal year calendar (July 1–June 30).


Individual Members

For individuals interested in authorizing but not affiliated with an organization, corporation, or government agency (i.e., an independent practitioner or consultant). NACSA reserves the right to deny applicants for this rate due to affiliations with established organizations.



Associate Members

For institutions, corporations, government units, charter school resource centers, state and national associations and not-for-profits, and other organizations that are not authorizers. Associate members may add an unlimited number of individuals to their member roster; each roster member will receive access to all benefits.



Authorizer Members

For charter school authorizing offices, their staff, and boards.

Annual contributions based on the current number of charter schools authorized. Authorizers may add an unlimited number of individuals to their member roster; each roster member will receive access to all benefits.


0-1 Schools Authorized


2-15 Schools Authorized


16+ Schools Authorized



NACSA Plus includes all the benefits at the basic membership level plus:

Two registrations to NACSA’s Leadership Conference

A NACSA Benchmark Report comparing you to your peers and personalized recommendations to leverage your NACSA membership

Additional engagement and learning opportunities


Contact Us About Membership Let us help you figure out which membership level works best for your organization.

For questions about your existing membership, or if you simply want to chat with a person, contact Courtney Leigh Beisel, Director of Authorizer Engagement, at 724.719.2554.

Membership Experts

Courtney Leigh Beisel

Director of Authorizer Engagement

Courtney Leigh Beisel is NACSA’s Director of Authorizer Engagement. In this role, Courtney leads the organization’s authorizer engagement activities. She is committed to ensuring all authorizers have the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to achieve success in their roles

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