NACSA has a diverse staff of professionals with broad and deep experience in the charter school movement and education reform. In addition to providing guidance and consulting assistance to authorizers, we routinely advise policymakers, researchers, and school reform advocates on authorizer practices and related aspects of charter school policy. NACSA is headquartered in Chicago and currently has field staff based in Colorado, Hawai’i, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia who lead state, regional, and national projects.

Executive Office

Greg Richmond, NACSA President & CEO

Greg Richmond

President and CEO

National Association of Charter School Authorizers

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Kasey Miller

Chief of Staff

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Authorizer Engagement & Advancement

Amy Ruck Kagan

Vice President of Authorizer Engagement & Advancement

Before joining NACSA, Amy served in leadership roles within the charter sector, including the Director of Portfolio Management at Highmark School Development and as the founding Executive Director of Philadelphia Charters for Excellence, Philadelphia’s leading advocate for quality charter schools…

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Courtney Leigh Beisel

Director of Authorizer Engagement

Courtney Leigh Beisel is NACSA’s Director of Authorizer Engagement. In this role, Courtney leads the organization’s authorizer engagement activities. She is committed to ensuring all authorizers have the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to achieve success in their roles

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Heather Wendling

Director of Learning & Knowledge Management

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Elisa Westapher

Senior Director of Authorizer Development

Elisa is a rationalist and counselor. A former education policy and commercial real estate attorney, Elisa brings expertise to her authorizing clients, including detailed assessments of authorizer policies, practices and comprehensive due diligence reports on experienced operators. She believes authorizing can help close the achievement gap for low-income and minority students.

  • Authorizer Evaluations
  • Due Diligence
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Erin Reddy

Associate Director of Authorizer Development

Erin is a forward thinker who loves the details in between. With experience at the Department of Justice­­—working cases both large and small—Erin works closely with authorizers around the country, searching for new ways to support their practices and processes for new school development.

  • Application Decision Management
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Morgan Powell

Division Coordinator, Talent & Engagement

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Chastity McFarlan

Director of Authorizer Development

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Development & Operations

Phoebe Harlan Anderson

Vice President of Development & Operations

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Olivia Roser

Development Manager

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Arielle Hinds

Office Manager

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External Relations

Kristen Forbriger

Vice President of External Relations

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Corrie Leech 

Director of Communications

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Veronica D. Brooks-Uy

Director of Policy

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Arash Kamiar

Director of Digital Communications

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Jason Zwara

Policy Manager

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Christina Ricordati

Policy Development Consultant

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Amanda Fenton

Federal Policy Consultant

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Michael R. Cernauskas

Chief Financial Officer

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Delfino Unzueta

General Accounting Manager

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Mary Zawaski

Finance and Administration Manager

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Katie Holland Fishel 

Contract Administration Manager

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Research and Evaluation

Karega Rausch

Vice President of Research and Evaluation

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Sean Conlan

Senior Director of Research and Evaluation

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Amanda DeVaul-Fetters

Director of Program Evaluation

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