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Our Cause

Charter schools have proven to be the most sustained and high-impact public education improvement strategy of the past quarter century. During that time, it has become clear that the authorizers—the agencies that approve, monitor, renew and, if necessary, close charter schools—have a tremendous impact on both the number and quality of charter schools in existence. Better authorizing leads to better charter schools and a better education for more children.

Our Organization

Since its founding in 2000, NACSA has set the standard for authorizing. Our diverse staff of professionals has broad and deep experience in the charter school movement and education reform. NACSA crafted and published—and continues to refine—Principles & Standards for Quality Charter School Authorizing, universally recognized as the professional practices for authorizers. NACSA has worked in dozens of cities and states across the nation to improve their authorizing practices, sometimes as a partner, other times as a consultant, advising authorizers on ways to improve their application, contracting, monitoring, and renewal practices. Through its policy and advocacy work, NACSA seeks to create conditions that promote excellence and ensure accountability throughout charter school sector. NACSA is a unique non-profit organization. While it proudly serves a membership that represents more than half of the “market share” of the nation’s authorizers, NACSA also is a leadership organization devoted to pushing for the best options for all children.

Why People Like Being Part of the NACSA Team

I work with a very smart group of people who are all committed to doing great work.
Delfino Unzueta, General Accounting Manager

The opportunity to impact millions of kids’ lives by improving authorizing is an incredible opportunity and humbling responsibility.
Karega Rausch, Vice President of Research & Evaluation

I enjoy working in a place that allows for my professional growth with a side of work-life balance.
Shannon Bauer, Manager of Talent Development Programs