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Authorizer Accountability

Authorizers are an integral part of the charter school sector. Their decisions impact each and every past, current, and future charter school student and family.

What is Authorizer Accountability?

As authorizers, we must hold ourselves to the same high standards we expect from every charter school. Authorizer accountability is one way we do that. These policies Рadaptable to local context Рpromote four core activities to protect student and public interests.

Authorizer Accountability means:


Establishing clear expectations for authorizer practices and responsibilities.


Being transparent about authorizer actions and outcomes.


Identifying when authorizers are doing well, or doing poorly.


When necessary, applying consequences for poor quality authorizing.

Authorizer Accountability in Action

21 states require authorizer standards.

11 states require authorizer evaluations.

26 states have reports on school performance.

13 states have consequences for authorizers.

Expertise in Authorizer Accountability

Amanda Fenton

Federal Policy Consultant

Full bio

Amanda Fenton

Federal Policy Consultant

Full bio