Virtual Authorizer Bootcamp

The Fundamentals of Quality Authorizing

Virtual Authorizer Bootcamp for New Authorizers

Virtual Authorizer Bootcamp provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of quality authorizing practices. This course is engaging, interactive, and collaborative. It conveys the historical context of the charter movement and discusses essential practices of authorizing while orienting all participants to core resources to support their work. The bootcamp also offers a unique opportunity to network with industry experts, NACSA staff, and other novice authorizers.

Who Should Attend

The course is for individuals who have worked in an authorizing office for less than one year and are looking to gain a high-level understanding of authorizing best practices.


*  Enrollees who attend seven of eight sessions receive a code for $75 off one registration to the 2018 NACSA Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL.

Course Overview

Session 1 Welcome and Overview May 31
Session 2 Applications Part I June 7
Session 3 Applications Part II June 14
Session 4 Autonomy and Accountability June 21
Session 5 Ongoing Evaluation June 28
Session 6 Charter Renewal Part I July 5
Session 7 Charter Renewal Part II July 12
Session 8 Ensuring Access for ALL and Closing July 19


This session was super informative and helped clarify my understanding of the authorizing work I do in my role. Having been in this new role for 6 months, this was a great time to get a refresher and get affirmation of what I’m learning with my organization.

Very informative and at just the right level!

I really benefitted from authorizers’ perspectives. It was well facilitated, encouraged discussion and different perspectives. I appreciated the professionalism of the presenters, their willingness to provide practical advice, and inspire me to uphold high standards in the face of challenging circumstances.